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... and how is this related to business process management?

Once upon a time - most stories start like this. This one too: Once upon a time, there was an organization which ought to be improved. Faster, leaner, smarter – as is the rule when the board is dreaming. A sorcerer’s apprentice was sent to search for the philosopher’s stone. He returned home with the magic word „business process management“. No hierarchies anymore. Only teams. And objectives. But hey! The paradise seemed to be within the organization’s grasp. But then, an evil ghost called „Implementation“ lunged out. And look at that: The gear was scrunching. Nothing was moving towards the paradise. But where is the problem? Actually, where were they? In the morass? On the grassland? Where is the garden? And how do they get there? They needed a good fay. A powerful enchantment.

They found it. eden


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